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  • Laura

27th Dec 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

A man rides a horse through a dilapidated town carrying his briefcase, covering his eyes. Is he wilfully blind?

Sunday,27th December 2020 My First Morning Pages.

Morning, morning, morning, feeling tired. I made myself get up under duress! I sit here drinking coffee; pretty sure it's toxic! Might organic coffee help? And here I am, eyes pondering, wondering, thinking, what a plonker!

Big breath In, don't forget Out! A giant whale in the Sea, smiling face, tail slapping the waves, saying- Look at me! Look all around. What can you see? Over there is Tom Macgill sitting in his little boat, happy with his little family. And there we see Mount Vesuvius, lying dormant. Will it ever erupt? Then we have the clouds high above, creating a line just for the Sea! Fresh, fresh openness, glorious elixir of life just sitting in front of me! But has anyone noticed? A few, maybe. One, two or three, but now it is your turn to take and see where your travels go, beyond land and out to Sea!

At first, you take baby steps, maybe a dipping of the toe? Then up to your ankles, then off you go! Unsure at first, be careful! Test the waters, be curious! Remember, you will never know if you sit on the seashore in your comfy Armchair just sitting and giving out orders.

Seawater is cold when it runs down your back. You might skip a breath; eventually, you will get it back. Breathing like a bull, fighting for its life, running to a red flag! A calmness then takes over, unveiling what's in front!

'Really, is that what's there?' i never noticed before—hidden in plain sight! The clues were always there!...

I see a storm coming, one of my biggest fears, but what's that?

An old man dressed in yellow oil skins, rowing over here! "Climb In! he cries.

A storm is coming, and I will take you back to the land ".

" But I just got here!" I replied.

"Don't worry. You can start again tomorrow once the weather clears", the old man shouted. I take his hand and climb aboard- a creaking of the wooden boat!

Then out of the dark sky, a colossal Albatross appears, scoops me up, and says, "Hop aboard".

"Where are we going?" I holler. "It is up to you, I can take to back to the seashore, or we can go to the great unknown. It has been travelled before, but not by you, my dear! So, it's up to you to take a gigantic step ahead".

I looked down, and the man waved up and said, " Good luck, my dear; we will be watching you with kindness in our Hearts"! (This made me cry.) With Kindness in Our Hearts.

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