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  • Laura

30th Dec 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

The Moon is bright this morning, much like the sun! It woke Neil up. He never got me a coffee, which pissed me off! Why did this annoy me? I could get my own coffee like I usually do.

Couldn't I, wouldn't I! I think I expect too much. Why though?

Am I a Princess sitting on a pile of cushions on top of a pea? No, not I!

But yet it would seem that I must be waited on hand and foot. Spoilt, spoilt, spoilt, that seems much more likely.

She is a little Princess who must be recognised for her cute little ways, but if she rebels, the cute ways stay! It gets you out of trouble and strife! But does it stop you from being a Wife? What is a Wife? I do not like the name!

Wife, wife, wife does not suit me at all! Why though? I do not understand.

I find it hard to conclude that this is what I am!

Why do I want to be different? It's in my Nature, and that is what I know!

When young friends spoke of getting married- Oh, Jesus Christ, I thought- What a Horrible Life! Why, oh, why did I feel this way? I want to be carried off to another Day, into the Mountains, to search for my treasure with a bucket and spade. But you can only search for so long and sure you will make stories along the way, but then you need to tell your stories to your young and good partner, I dare say! So, what if you had all of that and you couldn't quite see? Until you blow away the clouds and have a nice cup of Tea! A chat, a talk, let's express our thoughts to someone that you Love! Because, my Dear, you have found the One you Truly Love. A Fantastic Man, Tall and Handsome. A proper Good Catch! The One you don't put back to Sea and the One you don't take home for Tea! You put him in some water and watch him grow!

For he is fascinating, look at his scales as they glimmer in the light. His eyes tell a story for Day and Night. For he has battle scars too! That needed to be said, but if we say them together, they ease the pain and more. Unfortunately, pain is necessary; first, you must realise this, like the strong Lobster standing tall! Once, he defeated his neighbour, who is now very small, hiding under his rock! I feel sorry for the defeated Lobster hiding under there. But how can you help someone if they want to stay there? Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life may be a gift left at their door. But they have to want to know for themselves! I have found my Happy Lobster- Standing Tall! And I Love him So.

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