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  • Laura

28th Dec 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

I am standing on the wooden pier, looking out to sea. The sea is very calm today, with no boats coming in or out, just very still today! A few seagulls, like little dots, flying in the sky. Hands in my pockets, a yellow dungaree dress- looking down at my feet. The grain in the wood is carved out like the Grand Canyon! Kneeling, I see a tiny horse, and upon its back, a cowboy rode! Stetson, sitting heavy over her eyes, leaning forward, elbow resting on the prominent, fat pommel, chewing a matchstick between her teeth! " Well, Chuck, it's gonna be a long, sad day! I thought we would see something interesting today, but not peep, not a soul?" Chuck, Grunted and flicked one eye back to see the rider on his back!

Along came some tumbleweed and something that looked like a tiny frog! It froze! from the massive shadow of the horse and rider, it leaned back upon a bit of stone. He was carrying shopping bags, taking them back to his lovely wife!

She was making breakfast for him and the kids, with her little flower apron, looking all sweet and nice!

Oh, how he loved his wife- she was the linchpin that made everything tick! He would surprise her with a little cactus flower, all pink with little magenta veins! But what if he couldn't make it back? What if he was Trampled, Flattened, Squashed Flat- Brown Bread- DEAD! He would never see her lovely face again and all her little quips. Bossing him about, telling him what to do.

What if he never saw his kids? They were the light within his heart! They gave him back his joy! The little things that disappear when one gets old- the dancing spark that is sometimes hard to get a hold of, as it flutters, flicks and jumps about- And if you catch it, but only for a glimpse, it stays with you forever, until the light, slowly fades! But even then, you get a Glimmer that takes you or guides you to your next pathway of glimmering light!

So, what if this Dark Shadow were to squash him flat? Be still, do not move! Let the Darkness come, then let it go! Close my eyes, then open them again! The Darkness has indeed gone! Quick! Look Left, then Right, then head back home to my Bright Light!

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